Psychic vs. Psychic Medium

So what is the difference between a psychic and a psychic mediumship reading?

All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.

During a general psychic reading, Carrie gets a download of someone’s past, present, and future. Some readers use tools such as tarots, runes, or tea leaves, but Carrie simply uses wisdom from her spirit guides and angels. Are you wondering about the viability of your relationship? Curious to know about your financial future? Seeking guidance on your life path? Are you at a crossroads in your career? That’s what Carrie can help answer through a general life clarity reading. Psychic readings are also beneficial for life guidance, inspiration, a new perspective, or dealing with a challenge you may face.

A mediumship reading consists of Carrie connecting with your beloved pets and people who have crossed over to the other side. This isn’t a reading of predictions or analyzing your life; this is bringing through specific evidence that Carrie is truly communicating with the beloved soul.

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My Services

Pet Mediumship Reading

Carrie connects with your beloved animal on the other side and brings through specific evidence that your animal is still with you.

Living Pet Communication Session

Carrie addresses your pet's personality, health, likes/dislikes, environment, family role, and more.

People Life Clarity/General Psychic Reading

Carrie can read your present energy and provide insight for your life's path, relationships, career, and finances.

People Evidential Mediumship Reading

Carrie connects with your beloved friends and family members on the other side and brings through specific evidence that they are still with you.

Law of Attraction Coaching

Through specific exercises, Carrie helps you vision your dreams so that you can manifest them into reality.

Gift a Reading (Gift Card)

Give an unforgettable and unique gift that your loved ones will always treasure.

Personal Psychic Mentoring Consultation

Hi, I'm Carrie.

My story started when I was six years old after being attacked by a misunderstood and abused dog. It was after this experience that I started to realize—as best a six-year-old can—that all animals are sentient beings who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Thus began my quest to be a voice for the animals.

Today I regularly communicate with all animal species and humans who are alive or who have crossed over.

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What are people saying?

“Carrie did a reading on Finn today and said he had a sharp pain in his stomach. I got an appointment with Dr. Hardigree for Monday, but didn’t want to wait so took him to Banfield. He has an object in his stomach and has to have surgery tomorrow. I can never express how grateful I am to you - it didn’t even occur to me that something was physically wrong. Thank you so much!”

— Laura Cutler, Lexington, KY

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