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Carrie’s journey as an animal communicator began at six when she was attacked by an abused dog. Despite twenty stitches and multiple surgeries, she felt empathy for the dog because he had to be put to sleep. Intuitively, she understood that he deserved a better life. This experience sparked her lifelong mission to be a voice for animals, recognizing their sentience and need for dignity and respect.

Expert Animal Psychic Medium

As a psychic medium, Carrie connects with all animal species, including those who have crossed over. As an animal psychic medium, that can easily “go into the gap,” she delivers clear evidence from beloved pets, sharing their favorite memories and unique details only owners can validate.

Insights and Connections with Animals

Carrie is continually amazed by what animals share, often making her laugh, cry, and reconsider the physical realm. She believes animals teach us unconditional love and living in the moment.

"They heal, protect, and entertain us. We are their voice and providers, and they are our devoted companions. Our relationship with them is sacred," says Carrie.

Dedicated to Helping Animals and Owners

Carrie's passion is to help as many animals and their owners as she can. She lives in Lexington, Kentucky, with her daughter and cat, Charlie.

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What are people saying?

“Carrie is a blessing to us. Any time we wonder if one of our animals is sick or we experience confusing behavior, we know we can reach out and seek assistance from her. Carrie is always sweet and eager to speak with our pets to see what is happening. We recently had a cat who was clearly not doing well, and Carrie said that his stomach was hurting and it burned when he urinated. We took him to the vet and he had crystals in his urine. He’s on medicated food and doing much better now. We highly recommend Carrie’s services for any living pets and any who have passed on!”

— Aimee White, Seattle, WA

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