Frequently Asked Questions

Do you help find missing animals or take emergency appointments?

Carrie does not work with missing animal cases. Because she books out well in advance, she is unable to take emergency, same-day appointments.

Is the price listed based on the length of the reading or is that a flat fee per pet/person?

Carrie does not base readings on length of time. The fee covers one session for one animal or one person. She will spend as much time as needed to cover all topics. No session will go beyond one hour (unless you have multiple pets or people). People readings generally take longer than pet readings.

How long does a reading last?

One pet generally takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes. It all depends on how much the pet has to say and how many questions you have. A people reading takes anywhere between 30-60 minutes. Spirit dictates how much time it takes.

If I just have a few questions about another person or animal, do I need to pay another fee for a second session?

Yes. Carrie will only tune in to the one animal or person. An exception is if you want to know how that one animal likes the other animal(s) in the house.

How should I prepare for my reading?

It is always helpful to prepare a list of questions you would like to ask during your session. These questions shouldn't give anything away since Carrie strives to bring through as much evidence as possible that she is communicating with your pet, loved one, or Spirit.

Will you keep our session confidential?

Absolutely. Carrie will never share your personal information. 

Do you follow a Code of Ethics?

Yes. I always strive to work with integrity, compassion, and respect for you and your pets. 

Code of Ethics

As a pet psychic and psychic medium, Carrie offers services that involve communicating with Spirit. The following information details her code of ethics for working with clients:

  1. All clients must be 18 years of age or older. She does not work with minors.
  2. Carrie is not a veterinarian or medical professional; therefore, any information given is not to be used in lieu of professional veterinarian or medical care.
  3. We are all given the gift of free will. A psychic reading may indicate possibilities, but not inevitabilities. Each client has the right to direct and make decisions for his or her own life. A psychic reading is for entertainment purposes and to provide comfort and healing to the client but is not a guarantee of anything more than entertainment.
  4. All prices for services are clearly detailed on Carrie's website.
  5. Carrie is not to be held accountable or have any liability for any free will decisions pre- or post-reading sessions.
  6. Carrie works diligently to be of service for the highest good of all involved; however, with any reading, misinterpretation is possible. Therefore, it is the client’s responsibility to take what information resonates and leave the rest.
  7. Carrie reserves the right to refuse services to anyone under the influence of alcohol, drugs or demonstrating aggressive behavior.
  8. All work performed is delivered with as much compassion and care as possible.


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